"*licks face*"

Leather pants, purse, shoes and jacket were all chosen because of Toothless’s leathery skin. The jacket in particular has a nice texture on the sleeves that almost mimics dragon scales, and the blue shirt plays off of how his skin can sometimes glow blue in different lighting situations.

We paired the outfit with round, black earrings because they reminded us of his big, black, loving eyes! Additionally, we brightened the look up by adding a red bracelet to represent the red scarf Hiccup puts on Toothless’s tail to help him fly, and the brown belt also represents his flying gear. Finally, the dragon necklace (quite obviously) shows Toothless’s true nature in this outfit. 

{Look like Toothless!}

[Listen to the Galaxy Map theme!]

Quick! While galaxy print is still socially acceptable, closplay all of your favourite sci-fi things - like, let’s say, the Mass Effect Galaxy Map! ;)

The Normandy’s galaxy map tends to consist of the same colour palette: blues, blacks, and oranges. I tried to keep true to that and chose galaxy prints that incorporated those colours. Since the galaxy print is very intense, I kept all of the accessories and shoes in neutral tones (black and gold). Boots were the preferred footwear choice because they keep the look edgy and “tough” like space armor. This closplay is just extremely interpretative; it gives you a chance to play around with this older fashion trend.

{Look like the map, girls!} {Look like the map, guys!}

"I hate baths."

I decided a purple dress would be much simpler than trying to fit in a blazer/skirt combination for her uniform. The yellow scarf matches Shiro’s yellow bow, and the plum flats reflect her stockings/shoes combo. Shiro is highly skilled in logic and problem-solving, which has allowed her to win every chess game she plays; I found a chess piece charm to represent this aspect of her. Finally, the pale blue purse and earrings stand in for her hair colour.

{Look like Shiro!}

"They say people can change, but is that really true? If they decide they want to fly, will they grow wings? I don’t think so. You don’t change yourself. You change how you do things. You have to make your own way. You have to create a way to fly, even while you stay the same."

I love the colour scheme for this character; it’s so fun and vivacious! Sora has such a laid-back style so I made sure that the closplay stayed to true to that.

I chose a baggy yellow top for Sora’s usual “I <3 Humanity” shirt and decided on maroon converse to play up the casual aspect of his character design. The purple tank top adds another layer of colour, but also matches his purple undershirt. The crown embellishment in the earrings represent his title as the “King of Elchea”, and the red colour keeps to his colour scheme.

To represent Sora’s great skill with romance games, I chose a heart necklace. The red spiked cuff stands in for his wristband and gives a bit of edge to the look. A black bag and dark-wash jeans finish the look by acting as neutrals to all of the vibrant colours in the rest of the closplay.

{Look like Sora!}

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I wanted to see the universe, so I stole a Time Lord and I ran away. And you were the only one mad enough.”

To celebrate Doctor Who’s beginnings in the 1960s, I chose this cobalt blue dress, which mimics the colour of the TARDIS and reflects the style of 60’s fashion. The beaded bracelet is reminiscent of police box light; the gems seem to light up in contrast to the dark metal. A key necklace plays off the fact that the Doctor always gives one to his companion so she may enter the police box. Little details of the TARDIS are also represented in the bag and earrings; the bag is a similar shape to the white plaque and the windows while the earrings look like the black 'Police Box' sign.  The shoes give a modern edge to vintage style dress to show a transition in time as the TARDIS often does. 

{Look like the TARDIS!}

"Why date a motorcycle when you could have me?"

This outfit was incredibly complex; Aki has so many layers to her outfit, which made this one of the hardest I had to figure out, but I think I got the hang of it. I’ll try to break it down the best way I can:

I chose the white blouse because of the one she wears under her corset and trench coat; the pleated red skirt gives the same flowing appearance that her trench coat does. The maroon tube top underneath the blouse gives off the same appearance of Aki’s maroon dress with a sweetheart neckline. The emerald necklace with the gold chain clearly resembles her own emerald medallion. The black rose earrings reference her other names, “The Black Rose” or “The Black Rose Witch”, and a gold bracelet acts as the gold cuffs around her gloves. Finally, I finished it off with pantyhose for her stockings and red heels for Aki’s high heeled pumps. 

{Look like the Black Rose!}

I have to leave you now. I’m going to that corner there and turn. You must stay in the car and drive away. Promise not to watch me go beyond the corner. Just drive away and leave me as I leave you.”

This outfit was such a thrill for me to work on; Roman Holiday is such a classic and it’s the movie that brought Audrey Hepburn up into stardom! Edith Head won the Academy Award for Best Costume Design because she made Audrey’s Ann look like an effortless beauty, so we did our best to stay true to Ann’s original costume.

A white buttoned blouse belted to a pleated blue skirt looks very preppy and sophisticated. Pearl earrings and a quilted purse give a vintage, classy vibe to the outfit. I chose a crown bracelet as a reminder of Ann’s true identity. The striped scarf looks almost exactly like Audrey’s, and these beige flats make a great replacement for the strappy sandals.

{Look like Ann!}

Sometimes everything you know in the world turns out to be a lie. But at the end of the day the lie isn’t what matters, it’s what you do after you tell it. If you work hard enough you can make it true.”

We tried to make both outfits as similar as possible; a black top, orange jacket, and minty blue scarf all mimic the main components of Hope’s character design. To match Hope’s capri-cut pants, we chose army green shorts for the boy-fit and jeans for the girl-fit. Now, he technically wears laced green boots, but we decided that these mint high-tops were more fashion-forward and a relatively easy clothing find!

The bag was free-choice; I kept it a basic black to accommodate all of the colour going on in the rest of the outfit. Finally, I chose the yellow bracelet/watch as a reference to Hope’s bandage that covers up his l’Cie brand. The earrings are also an homage to the brand’s intricate design

{Look like Hope, girls!} {Look like Hope, guys!}

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